2020 Victorian Squad Announced

VMMNA is proud to announce the Victorian teams set to compete at the 2020 Australian Men’s & Mixed Netball Association Championships.

The squad below will fly to Adelaide and compete at 2020 AMMNA Championships at the St Clair Recreation Centre, Woodville from Sunday April 12 to Saturday April 18, 2020.

Congratulations to all athletes who have been selected to represent Victoria in 2020. The coming months will involve a lot of hard work, commitment and determination, but we look forward to continuing the culture of success that has led Victoria to become the most successful state in Australian Men’s & Mixed Netball history!

Men's Open

Will Jamison

Guy Keane

David Chisholm

Matthew Doyle

Jake Hederics

Alastair Punshon

Tim Malmo

Brodie Roberts

Riley Richardson

Andrew Simons

Ely Harrison

Jayden Cowling

Coach: Christina Puopolo (VMMNA Head Coach)

Manager: Lisa Mynott


Training Partners

James Robertson

Jake Noonan

Jason Heard

Hayden (Paki) Jensen

Men's Reserves 1

David Butler

Simon Cartwright

Daniel King

Joshua Smith

Christian White

Jake Dambrauskas

Tory Allen

Matthew Blomeley

Rein Kivivali

Andrew Burgess

Ponifasio Smith

Alec Deasey

Coach: Alexia McConnell

Manager: Julia Farrimond

Men's Reserves 2

Chris O'Sullivan

Taurin Eimermacher

Lynton McKay

Jarrod Mills

Dean Stubbs

Brent Pace

David Priddle

Peter Allison

Leigh Southern

Finlay Gustus

Lindsay Marchment

Coach: Ashley Webb

Manager: Narelle Costello


Training Partners

James McGann

Mixed Open

Jake Noonan

Cameron Allum

Lachlan Deane

Shae Gee

Jessica Maher

Sarah Szczykulski

Luke Marko-Rawlings

Chloe Coffin

Natalie Billings

Jason Heard

Kate Patterson

Sam MacKerras

Erin Jay

Coach: Jenni Lewis

Assistant Coach: Llon Riley

Manager: Lynn Capron

Mixed Reserves

Ally Black

Brent Holtham

Bridget Ryan

Bryn Matthews

Colin Croft

Kate McCarthy

Kurt Thompson

Michael Dower

Niamh Vahland

Sam Dugan

Samantha Silvester

Steffanie Poort

Coach: David O’Hare

Assistant Coach: Tammy Karkanakis

Manager: Jamie Clark

Assistant Manager: Tarnee Adams


Training Partners

Brendan Nick

Ben Bruitzman

Georgia Hellyer

Phillip Pene

Renae Pickering

Dorothy Maepu

Men's 23&Under

Hadley Dixon

Joel Gosbell

Anthony Maniapoto

Damon Mariluch

James Sutton

Taylor Ford

Corey Jones

Jed Christian

Dale Mason

Kai Suzuki-McGauran

Coach: Daniel Cooke

Assistant Coach: Chris Cameron

Manager: Kylie Pearce


Training Partner

Ben Rippon

Men's 20&Under

Sam Bury

Kyele Heagney

Adam Hoogwerf

Foster Mason Saunders

Jake Novak

Riley Owen

Ethan Spiteri

Bodhi Stringer

Jackson Turner

Zac Giliam

Cameron Hughes

Coach: Craig Moore

Assistant Coach/Manager: Victoria Febbo

Men's 20&Under Reserves

Tom Fisher

Thomas Hubbard

Sam Trbojevic

David Capron

Jordan Vesovic

Luke Williams

Liam Smith

Callum Baird

Jye Black

Coach: Joshua Schultz

Manager: Maddie Noble


Training Partners

Leo Heard

Angus Dell'Oro

Men's 17&Under

Quinn Spencer

Tristan Comans

Connor Lilly

Kye Vahland

Lucas Farrimond

Ronan Pring

Liam Olver

Shane Maniapoto

Liam Hocking

Joshua Fell

Joshua Ferris

Jacob Mudie

Coach: Geoff Taylor

Manager: Karen Wild

Assistant Manager: Michael Davis

Men's 17&Under Reserves

Alex Atanasovski

Benjamin Gosbell

Riley Colafella

Patrick Timmers

Brodie McCleish

Aaron Shaw

Joshua Feeney

Hudson Ebbage

Harrison Lefebure

Ted Cuthbertson

Brodie Reeves

Coach: Fiona Vahland

Assistant Coach/Manager: Tracey Matthews


Training Partners

Terron King

Zac Mabilia

Jamie Shannon