Victorian Player Applications open for 2021 Championships

We hope that you are all safe and well during this difficult time. Please see below some important information regarding our ‘Roadmap to Nationals’. We appreciate that this is quite long, however, it contains critical details so please ensure that you read carefully.

In looking ahead to the 2021 AMMNA Championships, we have had to be creative in our approach to engaging players and ensuring adequate preparation. As such, VMMNA will be taking a unique approach to athlete selection in these unprecedented times.  


In order to be considered for a position in one of the VMMNA teams for the 2021 Championships, players must register online using the button below. Applications close Sunday 27th September 2020.

It is important to note that applications will be reviewed and athletes will be selected for a squad within each age group. From here, the athletes will work with the respective coaches up until the time when formal trials can be undertaken. Only players who have committed to the VMMNA Squad will be eligible for selection into a team at the respective trials. Athletes will be unable to nominate for trials without having been involved in the respective squads. However, involvement in the VMMNA Squad does not automatically guarantee an athlete’s position within a team.

Applications will not be team specific. This means that you are able to nominate for a particular age group (e.g. Open Men’s) but will not be able to specify a preference within this (ie. In this example: Open’s, Reserves 1, Reserves 2) and will be considered for all teams within the division.  

If you require an exemption for any reason, please contact Tour Manager Sonya Febbo directly to discuss further.


For those players selected in a VMMNA Squad, prior to trials it is expected that all athletes commit to the online training sessions and external training programs provided. Players will be provided with a training schedule that they are expected to follow outside of scheduled online training.

The online training will be run within each age group/division and facilitated by the respective coaches. It is important to note that these will be training squads only and not representative of the teams which will be selected for Nationals. This is to allow for players to engage in training and be exposed to all Coaches within that age division. Attendance and participation at these sessions are critical as this training period will contribute to the selection/trials process. During this time, all of the coaches will be working together within the age divisions, in order to further develop the culture of our association.

If you are unable to commit to these online sessions, please again contact Tour Manager Sonya Febbo in order to discuss your concerns further.


We are aware that the current pandemic has affected lots of individuals within our community. As such, VMMNA are doing everything possible to ensure that financial barriers are reduced. Therefore, the deposit for player registration has been significantly reduced to $55 ($50 to contribute to invoice if successful and $5 administration fee). All players will be consulted regarding a payment plan to ensure that finances can be managed accordingly. These regular payments may extend beyond the Championships (until June/July) if necessary to ensure that interested participants are able to play.

In regards to total costs for the AMMNA Championships, each player will receive an invoice of $1850. Due to the current situation, VMMNA have agreed to bear some of the costs associated with the tournament in order to reduce the overall costs for players. We have also elected to continue with the current uniform, with the plan to review this again in the coming years.


Please see the proposed roadmap pathway:

It is important to note that the dates provided are subject to change and dependent on the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. You will notice that the pathway for players within the Under 17’s program varies from the rest of the VMMNA teams. This is due to the difference in government restrictions. As these restrictions are dependent on a number of factors, we will endeavour to keep you updated with any changes to the proposed pathway. 


Please fill out your registration application here:

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Sonya Febbo via phone (0419 670 097) or email ( to discuss further. We hope to see you all returning to VMMNA and look forward to a successful and unique Nationals campaign.

Kind regards,​


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