Junior Pathways

School & Association Netball

Up until the age of 13, male players may participate in association netball through any local association. Many associations will allow male players to continue playing until the age of 15, however they are not required by law to do so.

Coupled with this, Netball Victoria runs the Victorian School Championships each year, which incorporates both boys and girls competitions at a variety of locations across Greater Melbourne and Victoria. Schools enter their teams directly to Netball Victoria, and participate in a round robin tournament, followed by a finals series held at the State Netball Hockey Centre.

The below provides further pathways for boys to develop their skills and play netball beyond Association Netball and outside of the youngest Victorian State teams (which starts at U17s). More details on our Victorian State Teams can be found under Selections.

Junior MLeague

In partnership with Netball Victoria, VMMNA were incredibly proud to launch a Junior MLeague competition for males aged 17 & Under at the Whitten Oval courts in Footscray in 2018.

The competition aims to provide a pathway with more opportunities for boys to continue their development in a competitive environment, playing at a high standard with likeminded players and will be an ongoing competition.

The 2018 inaugural season was a huge success with 5 boys teams from 4 foundation clubs. In 2019, VMMNA expanded on this with more teams along with a Mixed division and a new home in Mullum Mullum Stadium in Donvale. For more information on Junior MLeague itself, head to our About page.

Check out the below video to find out more about Junior MLeague, and hear how vital it is for providing a pathway for boys to play netball:


For all ladders and results for the 2018 and 2019 seasons, see the MyNetball page.

The following associations can be contacted to enquire about joining their Junior MLeague teams for future seasons:

Darebin Netball Association (Reservoir)  darebinnetball@gmail.com

Waverley & Districts Netball Association secretary@wdna.com.au

Doncaster & Districts Netball Association – Craig Moore – admin@ddna.com.au – 0402 017 383

St Therese Netball Club – Rohan Varland – coachcoord.stpnc@gmail.com – 0400 618 615

The following clubs have expressed interest in creating a team:

Ariels VCNA – Nicole O’Hare – president@ariels.com.au – 0417 550 166

Melbourne East Netball Association – Tracy Lawrence – admin@menanetball.com.au – 0411 691 888


VMMNA Committee contact details for further information:

Craig Moore: VicePresident@VMMNA.org / 0402 017 383

These clinics will act as both an introductory for boys into netball as well as provide opportunities for existing players to further develop their skills. Our aim is to provide these in different locations each holidays to provide access to boys from different regions.

All clinics include an element of:

  • Attacking Skills
  • Defensive Skills
  • Game Sense Activities
  • Match Play

For further details on the clinics, please contact Inspire Netball Group.

The program was established in 2019 and is targeted towards boys aged 12-16 with the primary aims of the program:

  • Implement a formal pathway program for boys in netball
  • Provide a holistic program that introduces young athletes to the culture of High Performance including individual athlete development and their ability to contribute to a team environment.

The program has three core components;

  1. Technical and tactical
  2. Physical Preparation
  3. Athlete Wellbeing

For further details on the Academy, please contact Inspire Netball Group.