Senior & Junior MLeague 2022/2023

The premier Men’s and Mixed netball competition is returning for its 2022/2023 season!

Established in 2006, MLeague is an opportunity for some of the most talented male and female netballers in Australia, along with the brightest emerging talent in the state, to come together and compete on a weekly basis.

Both Senior and Junior MLeague will again be played on the same night at the same location: Wednesday night at the State Netball Centre in Parkville.

Commencing on Wednesday October 5th, the 2022/2023 season will also again be split across the years with eleven rounds pre Christmas, and four rounds in the new year.

The comp will be split across the following 6 divisions:

Senior MLeague:

  • Premier Men’s
  • Premier Mixed
  • Division 1 Men’s
  • Division 1 Mixed*

*Depending on number of teams entered, there will be A Finals of 1st-4th and B Finals of 5th-8th.

Junior MLeague:

  • 14 & Under Boys
  • 17 & Under Boys*

* The reasoning for having a 17&Under Boys division was to better align with AMMNA’s 17&Under National Division.

Key Dates/Times:

  • 15 Rounds (Round 1: Wed Oct 5 2022 -> Round 15: Wed Feb 8th 2023)
  • Two weeks of finals: Semi Finals on Wed Feb 15th & Grand Finals Wed Feb 22nd, 2023
  • 3 Time Slots: 7pm, 8:20pm & 9:40pm
  • MLeague Break: Final round of MLeague for 2022 is Round 11 on Wed Dec 14. No MLeague to be played on Wed Dec 21, Dec 28, Jan 4 and Jan 11. Season returns for Round 12 on Jan 18

Changes to the Player Points System:

The Player Points System has been in place for many years to create fair and competitive teams and also encourage seniors to play with juniors, providing a pathway for up-and-coming talent. Given the establishment of Junior MLeague over the last few years and this now being a permanent offering for junior players, the decision has been made to adjust the points system to ensure the Premier Division remains an elite competition and showcasing the best our sport can be. Division 1 remains in place to offer a high standard competition that also helps those on the pathway between ageing out of Junior MLeague, and before they are ready for the Premier Divisions of Senior MLeague.

Premier Men’s:

  • Each team can have a maximum of 6 Open Men/Open Mixed or Men’s Reserve/Mixed Reserve players on their Team List. These 6 players are to be capped at no more than 3 Open Men/Open Mixed players. The make-up of these 6 players can vary accordingly: ie. 3 Opens/3 Reserves, 2 Opens/4 Reserves, 1 Opens/5 Reserves etc
  • Open Men and Open Mixed players are both worth 5 points. Players that have been named in an Open Men’s / Open Mixed team in the last 3 years (2020-2022), Internationally or at a State Level will fall into this 5 point category. This is based on the last team selected so if a player has played Open Men’s or Open Mixed during this time (2020-2022) but then been selected in the Men’s Reserve or Mixed Reserve team, they are no longer worth 5 points.
  • Players that have been named in a Men’s Reserve or Mixed Reserve team in the last 3 years (2020-2022), Internationally or at a State Level will fall into the 6 player cap. This cap does not include those players who last played in Men’s Reserves 2 or were selected in Reserve teams prior to the years listed above.
  • Teams will then complete their playing list which will include players as they see fit. 
  • Team entries will be subject to approval from the VMMNA Committee via the MLeague Coordinator.
  • Additional players being added to team list (for injury reasons etc) will require approval prior to playing.

Premier Mixed

  • Maximum of two 5 point players on court at one time, and maximum of 3 x 5 point players on team list.

Division 1 Men’s & Division 1 Mixed:

  • No 5 point players permitted.

17&Under Boys:

  • Teams to be capped at no more than 2 current State players per team list

In light of the above, exemption requests are welcomed and will be taken as a case-by-case scenario. These requests will come to either the VMMNA Committee or MLeague Sub-Committee via the MLeague Coordinator’s discretion. These exemptions may include certain 5 point players to be able to play Division 1, or someone turning 15/18 during or after the season commences.  

Team applications are open now. To submit your application, complete the Team Entry form downloaded below by Sunday, August 28th at 11:59pm sharp. Early entries are recommended as team positions are limited.

Once the VMMNA Committee has approved your application in September, you will hear from the MLeague Coordinator along with the fixture prior to October 5th.

If you are an individual looking to join a team, a Facebook group has been set up for you to leave your details and connect with teams looking for players. The group can be found here: Individual Player Facebook Group

Rules and Regulations will be added here prior to Round 1 and all Team Captains will also be sent these prior to Round 1 and asked to respond with their agreeance.

If you have any further questions please contact Craig Moore, the MLeague Coordinator, directly at: