VMMNA Awards Evening – 2022

At the 2022 VMMNA Awards Evening the following awards were presented across MLeague and Nationals:


  • 18&Under Boys: Brodie McCleish (Wyndham Netball Association)
  • 15&Under Boys: Kane Wilson (Waverley District Netball Association)
  • 18&Under Mixed – Female: Olivia Cawthray (St Therese’s Netball Club) & Leona Hristovska (Doncaster & Districts Netball Association)
  • 18&Under Mixed – Male: Jamie Shannon (Darebin Netball Association)) & Joel Brown (Waverley District Netball Association)


  • Premier Men’s: Riley Richardson (St Therese’s Netball Club)
  • Premier Mixed – Male: Jake Noonan (Geelong Netball Club)
  • Premier Mixed – Female: Elli Leydin (Parkville Panthers) & Georgie Cuthbertson (Geelong Cougars)
  • Division 1 Men’s: Tom Fisher (Doncaster & Districts Netball Association)
  • Division 1 Mixed – Male: James Sutton (Doncaster & Districts Netball Association)
  • Division 1 Mixed – Female: Shannon Blackman (St Therese Netball Club)


We also awarded Coaches Awards for each Victorian team. Our Coaches Award is awarded by the coach to the player they deem to have demonstrated the most development/sportsmanship and/or has positively contributed to the building of the team culture both on and off the court. Congratulations to:

  • Men’s Open: Brodie Roberts
  • Men’s Reserve: Josh Smith
  • Mixed Open: Annabelle Gorman & Billy Mahoney
  • Mixed Reserve: Ally Black & Brendan Nick
  • 23&Under: Cameron Hughes
  • 20&Under: Josh Fell
  • 17&Under: Blake Cachia

We also awarded the Player’s Player/MVP for each Victorian team. After each match at the 2022 Championships, all players voted MVP 3-2-1 votes and this award is given to the player with the most votes at the end of the week. Congratulations to:

  • Men’s Open: Dan King
  • Men’s Reserve: Simon Cartwright
  • Mixed Open: Ella Spencer
  • Mixed Reserve: Jamie Clark
  • 23&Under: Callum Baird
  • 20&Under: Tom Fisher
  • 17&Under: Zac Mabilia


We also celebrated the various players who were selected in to Australian sides:

Australia Men’s Open:

  • Tim Malmo
  • Alasatir Punshon
  • Riley Richardson
  • Brodie Roberts
  • Training Partners: Cameron Allum & Jake Hederics

Australian Men’s Reserves:

  • Simon Cartwright
  • Jake Dambrauskas
  • Danny Loats

Australian Mixed Open:

  • Caitlin Cooke
  • Annabelle Gorman
  • Billy Mahoney
  • Training Partner: Daniel Stone
  • Coach: Matt Cooke

Australian Mixed Reserves:

  • Ally Black
  • Jamie Clark
  • Ryan Towers

Australian 23&Under:

  • Ronan Pring
  • Training Partners: Tom Hardwick & Danny Loats

Australian 20&Under:

  • Josh Feeney
  • Zac Giliam
  • Ben Gosbell
  • Flynn Pospisil
  • Training Partner: Connor Lilly

Australian 17&Under:

  • Blake Cachia
  • Terron King
  • Josh Lorback
  • Zac Mabilia
  • Brodie McCleish
  • Jamie Shannon
  • Training Partners: Hudson Ebbage, Ryan Lovell and Will Whiteacre


We could not forget #TeamWhite at the VMMNA Awards Evening as we were able to celebrate the four Victorian umpires who umpired the 2022 AMMNA Championships: Mark Cockerell, Sandy Dickie, Narelle McIntosh & Amy Winchcombe

Special mention was also given to Joel Owen who umpired the National Netball Championships in Tasmania at the same time – brilliant to see Victorian umpires who have been involved with VMMNA for many years umpire at these Championships also!


We were able to present the 10 Year Service Awards (for those who have represented VMMNA at 10 Championships), including those who achieved this feat last year but we weren’t able to acknowledge them due to COVID. Congratulations to:

  • David Chisholm
  • Brent Holtham
  • Will Jamison
  • Josh Clavarino
  • Tim Malmo
  • Alastair Punshon

A new award was introduced at the VMMNA Awards Evening in 20 Years of Service (having played/officiated at 20 Championships). Congratulations to the following, with years beside each name of when they achieved this amazing accomplishment:

  • Matthew Blomeley (2021)
  • Craig Moore (2020)
  • Sean Steele (2020)
  • Cheryl Van Dreumel – awarded posthumously (2016)
  • Grant Crocker (2015)


At the VMMNA Awards Evening we were also able to celebrate our amazing Team Manager and everyone’s favourite netball mum, Sonya Febbo. Sonya has worked tirelessly over the past few years in this new role to ensure our Championships were seamless. Her herculean efforts through the cancellations/rescheduling + various COVID impacts was so appreciated as she kept everyone informed of what was happening. In short, we literally do not know how our association would function without her. Thank you Sonya!


We were able to give outgoing Victorian Head Coach Christina Puopolo fitting send off.

Christina started coaching with VMMNA 2 decades ago and her resume is simply outstanding being the Open Men’s Coach: 2010-2022, winning 5 Championship Titles: 2010-2013, 2016, being the Masters Coach: 2003 & 2005 and the Australian Men’s Open Coach: 2012, 2016 & 2018.

We thank her for her contributions over the past 20 years: she completely redefined Men’s Netball over this time and has left such a lasting legacy on the game we all love.

A fitting video tribute was prepared and we thank those who participated: Matthew Blomeley Daniel Cooke, Julie Hoornweg, Guy Keane, Rosie King, Marg Lind, Tim Malmo, James Bobby Matthews, James McCallum, Garry Pashen, Stephanie Puopolo, Brodie Roberts, Dan Ryan and Andrew Simons.

The video can be watched back here: https://www.facebook.com/VMMNA/videos/705709593817271


Finally, we celebrated two new Life Members to VMMNA who have dedicated over 20 years each to our association – you can explore their individual accomplishments by clicking their names: