VMMNA AGM – Nominations

For the upcoming 2023 AGM we have received the below nominations. The AGM will take place on Sunday, 19th November 2023 at Melbourne Sports Centres – State Netball Centre, 10 Brens Drive, Parkville. Time: 3.50pm AEDT

President – Sonya Febbo:
For those of you who don’t know me or have my emails set to go straight to the junk folder, my name is Sonya Febbo and I’m the current Tour Manager.
I have been involved with VMMNA for a while now. First as a parent, then as a team manager before joining the VMMNA committee in 2019.

During this time, I’ve been able to see the men’s netball space completely change in a more positive direction and it makes me so proud to say that I was apart of that.
We now have one of the best High Performance netball coaches in Australia as our Head Coach. We have a new and elite program, which has seen VMMNA shift to have a more high performance mindset. We’ve seen male training partners officially sign at both SSN and VNL level. It’s so exciting and it’s only going to get better.
As players, you are my number 1 priority. After every nationals, I have listened to feedback and adapted for the following year. I helped to introduce the Players Rep Committee, to hold more player functions and create a more connected VMMNA squad and community. We’ve modernised the uniforms, worked closely with Inspire to create a more visible pathway for junior boys and have seen participation numbers increase dramatically.
This year, I have decided to run for President of VMMNA. We have a big few years coming up and I’m ready to take the challenges head on. As an association, we should be so proud of how far we have come! It’s also ok to want more. More for mens netball, more recognition, sponsors and visibility.

Treasurer & Committee – Grant Crocker

I have been involved with VMMNA since 1995 (29 years)

I am a VMMNA Life Member

I have been on the VMMNA Committee since 1996 (28 years) and Treasurer since 1997 (27 years)

I coached the Victorian 19/20 & Under Reserves team for 2 years (2002-2003)

I coached the Victorian 19/20 & Under for 13 years (2004-2016) and won 12 Championships

I was the AMMNA President for 10 years (2010-2019) and acted as Treasurer for the period I am an AMMNA Life Member

Treasurer & Committee – Adam Franz

I have been involved with VMMNA as a player through the pathways since 2016 and have been a member of the VMMNA Committee for the past two years.

I was one of those responsible for the introduction of the Players Rep Committee which has been responsible for organising VMMNA functions including the squad BBQ and Awards Evening.

I have also been responsible for the new VMMNA clinics. Growth in the junior boys space is something I am passionate about and have gotten more involved in through clinics and now coaching, and am constantly seeking ways to improve opportunities for boys in netball. An example of this is the establishment of the the Geelong Flyers U/14 junior MLeague team, one of my proudest and most rewarding endeavours.

In my day-to-day life I work as a consultant in the pharmaceutical industry. A significant portion of my work involves developing economic models and budget impact models, modelling the impacts of drugs on the health system.

I have just completed my Master of Public Health which I undertook part time while continuing to work full time.

I am very competent and comfortable with numbers and believe this is a role I can complete well and introduce my own perspective to.

I seek to continue my own involvement within the VMMNA committee to maintain and progress the positive growth we have seen in the men’s and mixed netball space recently.

Thank you for considering my nomination.

Committee – Josh Schultz

I have been involved with VMMNA for 10 years now in various roles, ranging from a player to a coach and more recently involved as a formal Committee member.

Over the last four years, I have worked closely with Sonya to assist in her role as Tour Manager and have been involved in the planning and organisation of the VMMNA state program in all aspects of its implementation.

If voted back onto the Committee, I plan to continue working with Sonya and the wider Committee to continue building our State program and incorporating the feedback from you all as our members.

Committee – Matthew Blomeley

Sustaining the growth of Men’s and Mixed Netball in Victoria is something I am passionate about. Continuing to have our committee accountable to you, our members, is crucial for progress, good governance and guaranteeing there is a product into the future for you all. 

Further, ensuring that our decisions are always in-line with our members’ needs and our strategic plan is paramount for success. Having lead VMMNA through change, the COVID years and being a Life Member, I know I can help support the rest of the committee and the new President with my years of experience with our Association and provide a level head for advice, as well as putting in time to progress Men’s and Mixed Netball here in Victoria.

Committee – Maddie Noble

I’ve been around VMMNA for a number of years now. Previously a team manager for various teams and more recently on the committee and the uniform coordinator.

Since joining the VMMNA committee last year I have seen some great initiatives put into place to ensure men’s netball continues growing stronger for many years to come.

Seeing players work harder to be a part of our program shows that VMMNA is really where it’s at. The future of VMMNA as a whole community is exciting and I hope to continue being a part of its success.

Committee – Jake Noonan

I’m a current Vic Opens player and have been on the VMMNA Committee for two years now which has been a really rewarding experience.

We’ve been able to introduce the Players Rep Committee which has seen the VMMNA squad and community build a stronger connection through functions, fundraisers and awards nights.

I was also fortunate enough to assist with the recent introduction of the VMMNA clinics. You may also have seen me around the courts at MLeague, getting some social media content and working with others to ensure the VMMNA socials are providing content and up to date information.

I think it’s extremely important to have current players on the committee to provide feedback and give that athlete perspective. I want to be one of those voices for players and to continue to assist with the development of men’s netball.

Committee – Jayden Cowling

I am a current member of the Victorian Men’s Open Team and as a VMMNA athlete for many years, I’m very interested in being apart of the VMMNA committee to ensure we are the best men’s and mixed program in the country, leading the way for the rest of the country.

I have loved the introduction of the Players Rep committee. It has been great to see current athletes join the committee and be a voice for the playing group.  

Having worked at Netball Victoria for the last 4.5 years, my main focus was to increase participation levels, specially male participation in the last 6 – 12 months.

I am really keen to bring my expertise to the committee to help VMMNA be more of a presence in the community and forming relationships with local associations who want to provide opportunities for boys to play.

I would love to work with the whole playing group to express the importance as our roles as not only athletes, but role models in the broader community.  

I think culture within the playing group and wider VMMNA community is pivot for our success and I would love to further the development of that.

Committee – Leigh Eeles

A netball dad whose main purpose in life at the moment is to operate as an Uber for two of my son’s who play netball nearly every day of the week.

A safety consultant by profession but outside of work very passionate about male netball and pathways for our junior males. 

You may have seen me around the courts with a camera in my hand trying to capture this sport my kids love so much.

I am about taking junior male netball to the masses and at the same time working to create more opportunities for boys who wish to play